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Thumbnail : A Day in the Life of an Assistant Ecologist

A Day in the Life of an Assistant Ecologist

Among the many areas within the environmental sector is the role of an assistant ecologist. In the case of Thomson EC, the duties of the employee who takes this position can involve a variety of tasks to help determine whether or not development can take place on specific areas of land. Assistant Ecologist Byron Humphries […]

Thumbnail : China Announces Ivory Trade Ban

China Announces Ivory Trade Ban

World’s Biggest Consumer of Elephant Tusks Calls a Halt to Poaching China has announced a ban on all ivory trade and processing activities by the end of 2017. This is a very important decision as China is the biggest market in the world, and some estimates suggest that 70% of the world’s trade ends up […]

Thumbnail : The New Buzz

The New Buzz

You can be a bee scientist, thanks to a new app There’s a new app for your android or iPhone – Bee-friend. It will enable you to become a “citizen scientist” in order to study bees, and help us understand their decline in order to improve the situation. Numbers and types of insects, including bees, […]

Thumbnail : National Trust Goes Green

National Trust Goes Green

Heritage organisation to invest £3.5 million in clean energy  The National Trust has come up with an ambitious plan to provide clean energy to forty-three historic properties in partnership with green electricity supplier Good Energy. The 2013/14 pilot project sees five heritage sites receive £3.5 million to install various green improvements including hydropower, biomass and […]

Thumbnail : Bees Need Pods – Bee Refuelling Stations

Bees Need Pods – Bee Refuelling Stations

You notice a bee lying on the ground. At first you think it is dead, but then it moves a little? As bees are in decline in many places, you want to help, but what do you do? Bees are dying all over the world in a terrible phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder. According to […]