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Thumbnail : China Announces Ivory Trade Ban

China Announces Ivory Trade Ban

World’s Biggest Consumer of Elephant Tusks Calls a Halt to Poaching China has announced a ban on all ivory trade and processing activities by the end of 2017. This is a very important decision as China is the biggest market in the world, and some estimates suggest that 70% of the world’s trade ends up […]

Thumbnail : The New Buzz

The New Buzz

You can be a bee scientist, thanks to a new app There’s a new app for your android or iPhone – Bee-friend. It will enable you to become a “citizen scientist” in order to study bees, and help us understand their decline in order to improve the situation. Numbers and types of insects, including bees, […]

Thumbnail : National Trust Goes Green

National Trust Goes Green

Heritage organisation to invest £3.5 million in clean energy  The National Trust has come up with an ambitious plan to provide clean energy to forty-three historic properties in partnership with green electricity supplier Good Energy. The 2013/14 pilot project sees five heritage sites receive £3.5 million to install various green improvements including hydropower, biomass and […]

Thumbnail : Bees Need Pods – Bee Refuelling Stations

Bees Need Pods – Bee Refuelling Stations

You notice a bee lying on the ground. At first you think it is dead, but then it moves a little? As bees are in decline in many places, you want to help, but what do you do? Bees are dying all over the world in a terrible phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder. According to […]