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Thumbnail : Community Energy – Is it the way forward?

Community Energy – Is it the way forward?

Think tank report suggests community-owned energy could improve UK Britain lags behind in community-owned energy. In Germany, community energy accounts for 46% of all energy produced from renewables. Here in the UK we manage a dismal 0.3%. A new report by think tank ResPublica, in conjunction with the National Trust, suggests that community energy could […]

Thumbnail : The World's First BioAlgae Building

The World's First BioAlgae Building

Microscopic algae used to generate hot water The world’s first eco-building to use algae to generate heat as part of its systems was opened in Germany earlier this year. The BIQ house is a prototype passive-energy technology demonstrator which was built as part of this year’s International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Hamburg. With 200m² of […]

Thumbnail : Interview with Dr. Eddie O'Connor of Mainstream Renewable Power

Interview with Dr. Eddie O'Connor of Mainstream Renewable Power

Mainstream Renewable Power is Ireland’s own leading wind and solar power developer. It was founded in 2008 by Doctor Eddie O’Connor, who previously was founder and CEO of Airtricity. Mainstream is active in eight countries and has over 21,000 MW of wind and solar farms in development. Currently it is building six wind and solar […]

Thumbnail : Ecoisland- A Future Vision

Ecoisland- A Future Vision

The Isle of Wight plans to become the first sustainable region in Britain The Isle of Wight aims to be a “greenprint” – not a blueprint, for a new kind of Britain – powered by renewable energy. The vision comes from entrepreneur David Green who has powered the little island in the English Channel into […]

Thumbnail : Liquid Air – A Major Upcoming Technology?

Liquid Air – A Major Upcoming Technology?

Long established science may be the key to a renewable electricity grid Compressing gases to liquids has been around for a long time. Liquid air powered cars were available in the early 1900s, but the technology was not mature enough and was superseded by petrol and diesel. Now it looks like liquid air, a versatile, […]

Thumbnail : Taken at the Flood

Taken at the Flood

Feature on Dinorwig Pumped Storage Power Station In the dramatic Welsh mountain scenery of the Snowdonia National Park lies a well-kept secret. Snug in Llanberis, under what’s known locally as “Electric Mountain”, lies a buried power station, built on the site of a disused quarry. Dinorwig is comprised of 16km of underground tunnels, deep below […]

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