The World’s Most High-Tech Cycle Parks

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Safe and secure methods to store your valuable machine

Cycling is becoming more popular globally. This puts pressure on transport networks, especially in cities like London, which is trying to improve its provision of cycle lanes, but this has consequences for other modes of transport. However, one issue which has not been tackled innovatively is cycle storage. Bike racks haven’t really changed for 50 years.

Cycle theft is also prevalent, and a distinct disincentive to leaving your expensive bike anywhere. I went to a meeting once with a colleague who cycled and his bike was stolen from the middle of High Holborn in broad daylight.

Now, new innovative methods of bike storage are being rolled out in a variety of cities worldwide.

The Radhaus bike tower is 10.5 metres high but occupies a relatively small surface area of 55 square metres. Able to hold up to over 100 bikes, it features individual parking boxes accessible by a chip card. The tower, which can be accessed by a dozen cyclists at the same time, has three storeys and is a modular design that can be assembled quickly. The name is a pun on the German world for bike, Rad, and Rathaus, or Town Hall. The first one has been installed in Erfurt, Germany, and the plan is to put them around the UK.

Tokyo has an automated, high-tech Eco-Garage, which is activated by a chip card, and a lift takes your bike to storage and returns it again for a small fee. Other cities like Amsterdam and Nijmegan are experimenting with large storage facilities. Other cities like London are trying out systems like Bike Hangar, a lockable unit which can hold six bikes and fit in a car parking space.

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