David Green speaking at the House of Commons during the launch of the Ecoisland Energy Company

David Green, Environmental Entrepreneur (1961-2013) Obituary

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David Green took his own life in sad and tragic circumstances after the sudden collapse of the Eco-Island project which he founded and masterminded.

I knew David Green, the powerhouse behind the Eco-Island project to run the Isle of Wight on renewable energy. See our previous blog here. I had dinner with him in August and promised Green Jobs Blog would cover developments. I could not forsee then that they would be sad and catastrophic.

David Green was an environmental entrepreneur, charity fundraiser, mover-and-shaker, who believed totally in a vision to create a new kind of island – an Eco-Island on his home in the Isle of Wight, south of mainland UK. Since 2006 over 50 projects have been created from distributing organic vegetables to beach cleans. At the heart of his vision was the plan to power the island’s homes and businesses on 100% renewable energy as a model to prove it would be possible to deliver this environmental target of becoming energy independent by 2020 through a combination of solar, small wind, geothermal, tidal and waste-to-energy sources. The Isle of Wight has a number of advantages in this area including its small size and high sunshine availability by UK standards.

David was a man of phenomenal energy, charm and ability. Of course he stepped on toes and had detractors, as anyone who isn’t content with the status quo will inevitably find. But he was a unique individual who lived by his ideals – he had a hybrid car, and was turning his house into a totally green design showcase. It is with great sadness we record his passing, and the wider green community will miss his vision, his passion, and his aimiable personal qualities. Our condolences go to his wife and two sons, who have lost a husband and father.

Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner said, “I’m very upset to hear this sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with David’s wife and his family and friends.”

It would be a fitting memorial for the Eco-Island project to be revived, as there is still the network of skills and abilities the project inspired, and hopefully it will re-emerge to benefit the community.