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About Julian Jackson

Julian Jackson is a writer and photographer based in London. He has spent a lot of time working as a picture researcher for a huge range of media companies from global players like the BBC and NBC to two-person TV projects in a seedy attic in Soho: “The creepy-crawlies were so persistent I did wonder whether they were on the payroll.” A decade ago he decided that what he most wanted to do was write about the environment.

Julian on bike

Since then he has written about all sorts of developments in the environmental world, as well as covering photography, film the arts and technology. “One of my favourite recent jobs was covering the opening of the British Film Institute’s Master Film Store – it’s an ecologically sound building that any self-respecting Bond villain would love to have as his lair.”

Julian Jackson’s latest proect is BrightGreen PR – marketing and communications for green and ethical companies.

One of the advantages of being a freelance is that he can fit personal projects around his work. His fine art photography has been exhibited, and he is just about to release a book of short stories entitled, ‘The Thatcher Years Reenactment Society’.

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