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Green Jobs Taskforce Report – All jobs in the UK have the potential to be green

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A series of recommendations from the independent Green Jobs Taskforce believes the UK can deliver a green industrial revolution if the Government, business and education sectors collaborate and work together.

The new measures detail the necessary steps to support the Government’s target of generating 2 million skilled green industry jobs by 2030. According to the latest report, every job opportunity in the UK can be green.

Highlighting the commitment towards delivering a green industry workforce and supporting a series of green training and career development programs, the UK Government has welcomed several recommendations from the Independent Green Jobs Taskforce. The Taskforce, affiliated with the Business and Education departments, published its findings on how the UK Government, industry and skills sectors can deliver the green jobs and skills needed for the future. 

Some key recommendations include publishing a comprehensive net-zero strategy and using several specific policies to promote green jobs, skills and competitive supply chains. The report highlights the need for industry, the education sector and Government to collaborate and create a defined pathway for green industry jobs.

The report explains how the UK jobs industry and skills sector should adapt to support future net-zero plans. The study includes all job roles from engineers and construction workers on new offshore wind sites to retrofitters and technicians, enhancing the efficiency of our properties. 

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the co-chair of the Green Jobs Taskforce and UK Energy & Climate Change Minister explains that as the UK works towards tackling climate change, we must invest in our most important asset, our workforce. Ensuring people have the necessary skills to deliver a green industrial future and harness the potential of jobs in this sector is critical.

Trevelyan highlights that they support the recommendations made by the Green Jobs Taskforce, which represent a big step forward in creating skilled workers and vital green jobs needed to enable the transition to net-zero.

In a further drive to ensure people have the necessary skills to deliver the transition towards a net-zero economy and pursue green industry careers, the Government has introduced several initiatives to develop low carbon industries nationwide. This includes working with businesses to increase green apprenticeships and supporting more adults to train in the green industry.

Stephen Evans, CEO of Learning and Work Institute, explains that the transition to net-zero will have significant implications for the UK labour market and can create new jobs and transform existing jobs. Evan highlights that the net-zero movement will require an equal ambitious focus on green jobs development. This will entail working closely with employers to gain a clear understanding of the skills required, supporting retraining and ensure there is sufficient labour market information on opportunities for the green industry.

The findings gathered by the Green Jobs Taskforce and associated recommendations 2will be considered by the Government and support the Net Zero Strategy that is due to be published at the COP26 climate summit later this year. The Green Jobs Taskforce report is calling for a holistic approach towards the entire life cycle of green jobs, ensuring the UK understands the opportunities that a green industrial revolution can offer, as well as focusing on the following:

  • Opening up further industry investment for good quality green jobs and skills training
  • Promoting diversity within the low carbon industry and creating clear pathways for all people to pursue a career in the green sector
  • Enable a fair transition for employees within the existing high carbon sectors

There are already over 400,000 jobs in low carbon businesses within the UK and their associated supply chains nationwide. The green apprenticeships advisory panel will support further efforts to ensure the appropriate skills are available for the future workforce to deliver the necessary technology shift the UK requires.

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