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Green jobs investment represents a vital part of economic recovery in the UK

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A new report by the Trade Unions Congress (TUC) is urging the UK government to accelerate green jobs and investment plans and prioritise these areas as much as other G7 nations. 

 The Union Group indicates that while positive steps are happening, there is the possibility to do much more to enhance and expand the potential of green jobs and meet important climate goals. The findings suggest that the Ten Point Plan focusing on a green industrial revolution requires more action and investment to meet a similar level of commitment shown in other nations within the G7.

The TUC is encouraging the UK to utilise the G7 opportunity by allocating £85 billion towards emergency green infrastructure, creating more than 1 million green industry jobs for the nation.

The commitment would create multiple opportunities in the green industry and demonstrate genuine climate leadership, according to the union body. The study suggests that by using the additional recovery investment the government could generate over 1.2 million green jobs in the short term while being capable of restructuring and decarbonising workplaces to secure existing jobs.

Green Job Development

The TUC report highlights the importance of increasing the investment allocated per person on green recovery, jobs and measures such as public transport, electric vehicles and energy efficiency improvements. The UK can scale up green job development if it decides to increase climate investment plans. 

Building Back Better

The TUC states that green job development in the UK will prove critical as the nation continues to recover and build back from the pandemic. If the Treasury focuses on scaling up its green recovery investment plans, it can drive the UK economy, create more competitive domestic industries and generate hundreds of thousands of green industry jobs, according to the TUC.

The report indicates that the existing green recovery investment trends would create just over 40,000 jobs over the next decade. If the Government increased its spending on green recovery to a similar level committed by other G7 nations, the figure would rise considerably to anywhere in the range of 330,000 to 720,000 green jobs.

The TUC believes the Treasury has a golden opportunity to address the current pathway of funding plans on climate action in the UK. The union believes that existing trends suggest the UK will not create the quantity and quality of green jobs required and may reduce its chances of developing a domestic competitive advantage in tidal, hydrogen, electric vehicles and other industries.

Working towards a just transition

A just transition towards a greener economy is one where employees have a central voice in coordinating and guiding the transition, so it is a process done ‘with’ them, rather than ‘to’ them. It is a movement where no individual or community is left behind and one where new jobs are created that are more secure and effective. 

Trade Unions across the world are calling for a just transition and after pressure from the International Trade Union Movement, the idea of a fair and just transition was incorporated into the Paris Agreement and further associated climate discussions.

Frances O’Grady, the General Secretary of the TUC explains that good green jobs should represent the core of economic recovery plans from the pandemic. O’Grady suggests that the existing measures should be strengthened and include more ambitious goals. O’Grady points to the other nations within the G7 and looks to replicate the level of investment being placed into green jobs and infrastructure and regard this as an opportunity to replace jobs lost during the pandemic.

Every region across the nation requires many green industry jobs. By focusing on the green industry, we have the opportunity to regenerate towns and communities that have experienced a loss of traditional industries and create more reliable and secure jobs for the future.

By increasing its investment plans within the green industry the UK can maintain its strong position and benefit from a net-zero industry. Using the G7 moment and allocating £85 billion towards emergency green infrastructure and the volume of valuable green jobs that come with it would display true leadership when the country requires it.

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