Veolia Waste and Sustainability Strategy

New Waste and Sustainability Strategy to make a significant investment into a green recovery in the UK

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Impact 2023 is a new sustainability strategy led by Veolia which intends to empower the circular economy in the UK by supporting several climate-related investment plans. 

Within excess of two million tonnes of reclaimed material, Veolia hopes to expand its use of new technologies to reduce resource consumption. With support from a significant planned investment pool, this commitment will add to the existing £2 billion currently invested in new infrastructure nationwide. Veolia is heading the project and has already gained investment, enabling the recycling of 350 million plastic bottles, over 120 million cups and the processing of nearly 180,000 TVs and monitors.

For a more rapid environmental transition, the new initiative will support a range of measures that directly focus on climate action and pollution, including recycling plastics, biodegradable waste recovery and the treatment of hazardous waste materials. Veolia highlights that industrial ecology services will yield added benefits by extending the existing production of peat-free compost from green waste and organic fertiliser, replacing the reliance on synthetic fertilisers and decreasing carbon emissions generated from this sector.

Collective investments in nature and wildlife projects recently exceeded £1 million, and as a consequence, the Veolia Environment Trust intends to explore options to enhance and further protect biodiversity. Through the development of green products and delivering bespoke solutions for resource efficiency, Veolia generates significant emissions savings for its customers. 

Impact 2023 Strategy

Impact 2023 intends to enhance the number of measures available to tackle climate change including low carbon, renewable energy, energy efficiency solutions, electric vehicles and wastewater reuse. In the last few years, Veolia has made several significant reductions in terms of fossil fuel consumption by focusing on renewable energy sources generated from material such as food waste and slurry and converting this into green energy and heat.

At the recent launch, Gavin Graveson, the executive VP of Veolia UK & Ireland stated that our planet and society is at a vital point of transformation, with the awareness of environmental issues and the circular economy representing critical areas to support this movement. Mr Graveson explains that 2020 is the first year of the new program, which intends to make Veolia a leading business in ecological transformation. 

Mr Graveson emphasises the knowledge and solutions Veolia can offer to accelerate sustainable solutions for the UK and Ireland. Veolia focuses heavily on resource preservation, energy, water and the manufacturing of green products. Through research, development and innovation, Veolia plans to generate new skills and employment opportunities. The sustainable strategy supports national plans for green recovery and creates several benefits for local communities and the planet. Mr Graveson hopes that the new measures could generate an additional £2.9 billion each year to the UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and approximately 175,000 jobs nationwide.

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